What’s expected of you.

Hello AR. Now is your time to shine, I’ve heard Pain has been holding some you down, but you’re free of that. You now know that I have appointed Orange to leadership with me, and we will be naming our generation of leadership soon enough. Read on to know more about what we plan for the future.  Continue reading

Coup of Pain//New Leadership

Edit: All remaining events that were made by Pain are cancelled.

Hello AR,

[Incase you don't know who I am, I'm Austin, Former leader and trusted mentor to the AR.]

As of Today, Tuesday April 15th, Lord Pain, Former leader of the AR has been couped. Reasoning behind this Coup was for a shortly lived reign of Corruption being brought into AR by Pain himself. This Reign of Corruption has been defined as a future evolution of AR to become a form of major army once more, but this plan and proccess goes against everything AR stands for.

Pain himself was a good 2nd In Commander/Leader up until the retirement of the duo VinDaily. His acts of dictatorship and forward plans caused the very owners of AR to start a short lived Rebellion to end his leadership, which was granted by the consent of VinDaily themselves.

-No Screenshots were taken but the Coup happened by Vinny himself-

In terms of leadership, given that Tripy aka Nick was promoted not too long before the Coup itself, he will keep his position as the only active leader within AR right now. Though a new leader will join his side in a future election to come.




Active count

Hey guys frigido here just thought i would help our new leaders out by deleting inactive troops in our army. Please comment telling me your name and rank so i will know who to keep thanks for you understanding.


To comment correctly in this post comment like this:


Penguin name: Frigido

Rank: 3 ic

Activity: 10




Going on vacation

Greetings, AR. I won’t be that active Friday through The Tuesday of next week. I’ll still come on, attend events (hopefully) and such. When I come back I expect to see AR doing well. Orange,  I depend on you. Stormblade will be my temp replacement while I’m gone. Until further instructions, do everything I mentioned in the “What I expect” post. Good luck AR

Protected: It Is Simple…

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Leadership, and my plans.

Hello, AR. You most likely know by now but in case you don’t know, I was promoted to leader by BurritoDaily and Vinny.  Me entering leadership is a big change for me and it is something I was not expecting to happen so quickly. I will be following the footsteps of Lord Pain while he trains me to be a greater leader. I hope all of you will enjoy my being as a leader, and me and Lord Pain will have AR rise once more. We recently maxed 22 at our last unscheduled event, we will rise, I promise AR. Keep working hard and you’ll be gifted. Good luck, and have fun.


~ Nick, AR Leader


Unscheduled Event #2 4/13/14 Results

Greetings AR,

We logged on for another unscheduled event and maxed around 22+ on Club Penguin. Tactics were great aside for a few people not doing them. We did great guys, I’m proud of you and we will devote all next week to getting these kind of results as well. If hit 30+ at any event next week there will be promotions. I need everyone to keep recruiting that is key to our success. Anyone who is a rank of private up to 5ic will be promoted for getting 5 people to join. Anyway to all who participated, good work. Click “read more” for pictures from the event.

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Unscheduled Event 4/13/14 Results

Greetings AR,

We logged on for an unscheduled event and maxed about 15+. Sizes were decent, tactics were bad. Pay attention to the leaders and press the tactic more than once. Don’t stop until the entire formation is doing the tactic at the same time. To those who participated good work, click “read more” for results from the event.

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Retirement of General Vinny.

Hello my fellow ghosts.

This army has had more ups and downs than a hydraulic switch. 2014 was not what I expected it to be in terms of the army community and club penguin itself. I don’t really know what I did expect when it came to things like cp’s filters, lack of chat recruiting. Does that not spell certain disaster for all of club penguin armies? I certainly would think so. I came into 2014 thinking that I could help rise this army back into it’s original heights immediately. Wow, how wrong I was. Maybe I surpassed my prime at the end of the 2013 summer. That I’m perfectly okay with. The things I helped do in the year of 2013 were beyond tremendous, the things Burito was able to do was astounding. Burito, the two of us forming a dynamic, legendary duo, doing things not many people could do. I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity of leading this army. I apologize to the troops of this army for leaving in such a state of despair. But I think it’s come to that time that the AR must move on without me, whether it is to the ground they plummet to, or rise up to all of this adversity. As a leader, there is a limit to the extreme adversity that you can go through, and me, the mileage on my tank is high.

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Private to Pain

Vinny is retiring. You are the soul leader therefor are in charge. You can recruit whoever, and promote whoever.

I will still be watching. Vinny and I may be done forever, we really don’t know. You can NOT declare AR dead and you cannot MERGE us. We will coup you if you cross the line. I’ll offer guidance, but its up to you to rise AR. Be smart Pain…


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