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    Hello and welcome to the Army of the Republic! We are a fun and organized army on Club Penguin. Unlike most armies, we don't strive to 'protect Club Penguin.' We strive to have more fun than any other army and that is exactly what we do! If you want to shine in armies and enjoy epic battles, head on over to the join page and submit your form to join our army! After that, make sure you meet your soldiers and leaders at the Chat Box by clicking on the chat box page. Welcome to AR soldier!

    AR Forever!

    -AR Leaders

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    Fluffy Sheep on The Final Day – AR …
    Hotwheels999 on The Final Day – AR …
    Hotwheels999 on The Final Day – AR …
    Fluffy Sheep on The Final Day – AR …
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The Final Day – AR Shutdown

We weren’t the good guys. We were an army shrouded in mystery with the nature that has never before or since been replicated. And to all this I say:

Have we played the part well? Then applaud as we exit. 

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A Tribute to the Army of the Republic

It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

All great things come to an end and this army is no exception. When we first came onto the scene in 2010, no one thought we would ever get anywhere. Yet day after day, month after month, we continued to prove everyone wrong. In a rise to dominance that took nearly 7 years, we took small steps, but those small steps soon created one of the strongest and most glorious armies of all time. This is a tribute to everyone in this army who has helped make all of this possible.


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Defenses Against the Global Defenders

Since no one else seems to be posting this and the GD invasions start tomorrow, I have decided to post the defenses. But I know we can do this. We just have to get more active and recruit more. Read Proteus’s post here to get a better pep talk, and here are the defenses: Continue reading

We can do this.

Guys listen up its Matthew4901 here. If we dont recruit this AR army will be dead. I do not want this site to be distroyed. We all have to pull together and recruit. So if your reading this RECRUIT EVERYDAY. If you wanna share any ideas to help AR leave it in the comments

P.S also leave a comment so i know that u read this post.

It is up to you

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How i became a European Leader

Hi AR. Today this is my first post and I’m gonna talk about how i became a European Leader. In January 2014 i joined AR and i started of being rank corporal when i joined. I became very active and loyal with the leaders. I would listen to Wheelo (Our old European Leader) Nick and Lord Pain. In febuary 2014 i ranked up into Sargent and keep attending to events like raids and battles. Then i ranked up to Major General. In March 2014 i nearly got demoted for not attend some of the events and i got ranked up again in like march 23 so i became General. Later in March i heard that Wheelo quited AR for awhile he even was a good leader. So i keep being active then at the end of the month i turned into European Leader. Thank you guys for supporting me and making me European leader.




European leader

A Little Unscheduled ;)

It’s Fred your 2ic here. We logged on for a short 10 minute event to wake people up tonight ;). We maxed around 10 which wasn’t bad for logging on at 9 (EST) at night. Well here are some pics from the event and I hope everyone has a Good Easter!






Thanks for all who attended!

-Fred AR Second in Command

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Let the New Age Begin [EVENTS]

Hello Army Republic

I have recently been promoted to the rank of Leader. I am excited for this experience and I hope on helping AR get back into the top 5. To achieve, I would like you all to make the events that are scheduled.  Our goals this week are simply to max around 18. Here are the events scheduled:


Monday, April 21

Recruiting Session

White Out, Town

7:30 EST

6:30 CST

5:30 MST

4:30 PST


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